I am a geek. There are lots of ways to describe me but that one fits this post the best… 

If you have a tech question I can either answer it straight off or get back to you fairly quickly. Test me. Go on. My sister rang me up from work the other day with a question about Teams. Sorted in seconds.

My mission?

To help people fulfil their potential. To be a change maker. To make dreams come true.

When added to my true geek this means demystifying tech and supporting fellow business owners.

But how?

By creating a private online community with access to bespoke training programmes and personalised support. I have been doing this for clients, friends and family for 20+ years. Now I am bringing my skills to you.

  • We will review the best tech for individuals and small businesses.
  • Masterclasses in Excel, Word, Outlook and their Google equivalents
  • Training in planning tools like Trello, Wrike and Asana
  • Business process analysis to help you optimise your procedures
  • Access to all my online courses and discounts on in-person training

What courses?

Standard price £60 per course.

September: Planning for Success
Project management and business planning laid bare

October: Time Flies
Time and resource management

November: Back to the Office
Microsoft 365 and Google office apps

December: Tech Wizard
How to choose the best tech for individuals and small businesses

And there’s much more to come in 2021! 


This community is going to launch soon. I am looking for 20 people to be part of my pilot to get all this and more at a great introductory price! Comment below if you want to know more…

And get in touch for a FREE 10-minute consultation!